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Once upon a time…

Matthew Burgess

We build great houses.


Imagine waking up in your dream house every day…

…the sun beaming down on your perfectly designed home that you have dreamt of since you were little. We can make that possible.


Which would capture your attention and make you want to read on?

I’m guessing the majority of you have picked the second option. Do you know why? Because it was a story. Yes, the first option may get to the point quicker, but it does not take the audience on any sort of journey, giving them very little to connect to or remember you by.

This week we are celebrating National Storytelling Week by sharing our tips on how to incorporate storytelling into your marketing strategy.

Here are a few ways you can do it…

The Gaston

Share your story with your audiences. Often found on company ‘About’ pages, these create an emotional understanding between companies and customers by connecting with them on a personal level, making the customer instantly feel more invested in your company and willing to support it. Whether it’s the inspirational journey of how you transformed from a small one-man-band to a multi-national trading organisation, or revealing the passion behind why you do what you do, you can choose the angle you take. Just remember to keep it relevant, succinct and engaging.

The Fairy Godmother

Put a spin on the usual case studies by giving it a narrative. Essentially, you are just telling a true story – with your client as the character. Use this to create a powerful story of how you transformed them, from start to finish. Think of yourself as the fairy godmother!

The Dumbledore

Perhaps the hardest things to maintain storytelling vibes in are tutorials and webinars. Start of the issue, painting a picture of what their challenge is and then introduce the solution. Like with the others, this is all about the style of writing, but with these it is very easy to slip back in to the how-to tone of voice.

Illustrations, real-life examples and hypotheticals are all great tools for helping you convey your story.

Need a helping hand finding the right words?

We’ve got you covered, give us a call today on 01234 779 050 to start your journey to compelling content that converts.



29 January 2018 |

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