A new spin on an old idea

Date: Monday, 12th Feb 2018 | Category: Internet Services

Today is National Clean Out Your Computer Day, but before you get too delete-happy, STOP; you could be throwing away gold dust without even realising.

Yes, just like clearing out that one drawer in your house that always seems to accumulate junk, when you know your laptop or computer has been cleared you feel a sense of achievement and clarity that is second-to-none. But what if you are deleting the potential answers to all your campaign woes?

We strongly recommend taking a look through any documents of interest before you permanently erase them. Strategy and planning can be the bane of many marketers lives, so use your old ideas and thoughts to help reinvigorate them into fresh ideas with a new twist.

Whether it’s for blog posts, website features or a whole campaign, plug in your headphones and lose yourself in your own ideas. You never know what you could uncover!

Although do not use this an excuse to hoard – once you’ve been through them, let the deleting begin!