Back to basics

Date: Wednesday, 21st Feb 2018 | Category: Digital Marketing

Our possibilities are endless, but are we picking the right ones?

We are spoilt for choice in today’s world (hence the rise in so many comparison sites); but this wealth of options brings the potential to overlook some of the more basic, tried and tested options.

Communicating with existing and potential customers; planning, implementing and analysing campaigns and providing that personal touch are all things that we have been doing for a long time. Yes, with the ability to now take these one step further, we can push ourselves ahead of competitors and intercept our customer’s daily life like never before, however that doesn’t mean that we can afford to let the core communication methods slip.

So to try and help you not neglect them, we’ve listed our top methods and strategies that we think you should always be using…


The most basic of the lot – emails are a great way to maintain regular communication, send monthly updates, newsletters and client satisfaction surveys.

Google Analytics

Vital for measuring the performance and success of your website. We strongly recommend getting a Google Analytics Guru on board if you haven’t already.

Customer feedback

It is very easy to think that if you are in regular contact with clients, you know all there is to know about them. This isn’t always the case; think about it, many people will praise or complain about certain elements of a product or service that they are happy or unsatisfied with, however not often would you, as a customer or client, think to tell your provider what they could improve on, unless asked. As previously mentioned, customer surveys are great for this. Just make sure you actually implement the information found from the survey as oppose to just collect it and never getting around to making the necessary changes!

Employee feedback

Similarly to above, you could talk to your employees and colleagues every day, but never actually ask for their advice. It is worth just taking a few hours of time to listen to potentially valuable feedback from them, you never know what new ideas they may have to increase your revenue, based on their personal experience with clients.

If it ain’t broke…

Okay, we are telling you to change it slightly, but the key message here is to stick to what you know works, with the extras as just that – extras. Yes, move with the time, but just remember not everyone will be receptive to new ways and most importantly, if you are changing things – do it with fair warning; people don’t like change!


Not sure which channels you should be utilising or how to get the most out of them? Give us a call today to let us tell you how.