Enhancing stakeholder engagement with Phew’s user-friendly website designs

Date: Tuesday, 25th Jun 2024 | Category: Safeguarding, Web Design & Development

In the modern digital environment, successful stakeholder engagement depends on a website’s usability and functionality. At Phew, we specialise in creating customised websites using our WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Our method ensures that your website is visually appealing, fully optimised, accessible, and responsive on all devices.

Whether you’re a corporate entity, local authority, charity, or any other organisation, Phew collaborates closely with you to tailor a website that meets your specific requirements. Our team ensures each site is perfectly poised, on-brand, and cost-effective, delivered within agreed timelines and budgets.

Our WordPress CMS features intuitive design elements, including flexible content blocks that allow you to drag and drop content as needed effortlessly. This user-friendly interface empowers you to make changes confidently, ensuring your website looks impeccable on desktops, tablets, and smartphones alike.

Beyond design, Phew supports site migrations, system integrations, and offers fully managed hosting. We provide thorough training and ongoing support, ensuring a smooth transition and continuous operation of your website. This empowers you to maintain and enhance your online presence with ease.

Below are some example of Phew websites for clients:


Key features which enhance engagement

Secure members area: Facilitate efficient communication with a secure members area for document management, category-specific access, and agenda sharing, ensuring organised interaction within your community.

Accessibility compliance: We guarantee your website complies with accessibility standards from launch and provide ongoing support to enhance usability for all users, maximising your site’s reach and impact.

Built-in newsletter tool: Seamlessly integrate newsletters into your communication strategy with our built-in tool, enabling you to share public and private news directly from your website.

Site alerts: Instantly notify visitors with custom site alerts upon entry, delivering timely updates and information relevant to their visit.

Content update reminders: Admins can set content revision dates with email reminders to ensure timely updates, keeping your website content fresh and engaging.

To find out more about Phew’s Website Design service, please send an email to hello@phew.org.uk or visit our website here.