Revolutionising safeguarding audits for Children’s Services

Date: Wednesday, 19th Jun 2024 | Category: Audits, Children's Services, Safeguarding

Managing safeguarding audits in children’s services can be challenging, with inconsistencies in processes, insecure information sharing, limited access to data, and difficulties in identifying performance issues.

Section 175 of the Education Act 2002 places a duty on local authorities and their partner agencies to make arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Part of fulfilling this duty involves conducting Section 175 audits, which are designed to ensure that all agencies and partners are effectively safeguarding children and promoting their welfare.

If you’re still relying on Excel for your audits, you might be missing out on a more efficient and effective solution.

While Excel has been a trusted tool, it requires significant manual data entry and is time-consuming, making it hard to gather the necessary insights for reporting and monitoring safeguarding outcomes.

By transitioning the audit process to an online platform, children’s services can save time, money, and resources while promoting high standards of safeguarding work and cultivating a culture of continuous learning and improvement—capabilities that Excel alone cannot facilitate.

The Phew Audit System is a flexible online platform that provides comprehensive, actionable data from custom questions. It streamlines manual processes, standardises data entry, and quickly accesses vital information. With the Phew Audit System, you get a clear view of your audit landscape, helping you prioritise tasks and identify areas for improvement.

“It was evident from the moment we engaged with Phew that as a sector specialist, they understood the day to day challenges we face as a Partnership. With their approach of working with the sector to design systems, we quickly saw the potential of the Audit System for both our stakeholders and internal team.

“Our close working relationship with them has now extended into our Section 175 and other audits that we’d previously always struggled to collect.

“Although their tool allows us to do everything we need to, the team are always there to support and advise us, and the key to that is sharing both regional and national best practise.”

Sam Anderson, Safeguarding Partnership Business Manager

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