We are committed to placing our clients’ needs at the forefront of all decision making. We deliver on our promises with pioneering software solutions that change lives through collaboration, leaving a lasting legacy and creating wider social impact.  Locally or nationwide, we feel obliged to step up and make a difference – empowering you to help others. We also believe that we have a duty to protect our planet by making simple choices such as recycling, sustainability and energy efficiencies that make our world healthier and negate our carbon footprint.


The Mind Map

Phew are delighted to be supporting a local charity called The Mind Map, which is working in Bedfordshire schools with a focus on the prevention/early intervention of children and young people’s mental ill health. They offer workshops to pupils and equip teachers to promote emotional literacy and wellness.  The find out more about The Mind Map charity, please click on this link.

Oasis UK

Oasis is a movement of volunteers, activists and professionals that works in 36 communities across the UK.  Through our integrated ‘Community hub model’, they seek to create a new sense of neighbourhood in communities that had previously been forgotten by society.  They believe that when a community comes together, everyone, regardless of their background and starting point can reach their God-given potential.  To read more about Oasis, please click on this link to their website.

Special Interest Groups

The SAB Managers Network (Safeguarding Adults Board) is now live – take a look at their website by clicking on this link.  


  • Create a online community to share your information and interests.
  • Help to advance a specific area of knowledge, learning or technology.
  • Encourages members to work together to produce solutions and best practise.
  • Communicate, meet and organise event and conferences.

Fancy a chat about creating a website for your Special Interest Group?  Simply fill in the form!