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Website design and development

Berrys add value to your property; we’ve added value to their business.

Berrys is a leading firm of chartered surveyors and valuers, property and business consultants and chartered town planners. Combining traditional values, local knowledge and modern technology, they deliver a quality of service designed to exceed clients’ expectations.

We were bought in to give their website a much needed boost to enhance their online communication channels and increase engagement.

The Challenge

Berrys had a solid marketing strategy in place but felt that their existing website was not capable of providing the level of digital presence needed to deliver their marketing communications and client engagement objectives.

The site was no longer contemporary looking and lacked the range of functionality that the business needed to employ. The homepage presented interesting news articles, rather than material focused precisely on the needs of their target audience and there was little signposting to direct visitors efficiently to the pages they wanted.

The property area had minimal functionality and only allowed users to filter based on type, rather than complete a search based on requirements.

Our objective was to create a fresh-looking website with innovative functionality and design that would reinforce the quality and professionalism associated with the Berrys brand. At the same time we aimed to ensure the suite was easy to navigate, enabling clients to get the information they want simply and quickly.

The Solution


The project was split into three main parts –


As with all projects, we undertook initial research to understand exactly how Berrys were currently interacting online with their existing customers.The research highlighted some key information –
– 40% of Berrys visitors were looking at properties
– ¼ of visits would exit at the homepage
– The average bounce rate was 40.5%

This insight provided the rationale for some of the project’s key design decisions.

Creative and Functionality

Based on the research, we were able to create design concepts and agree on the required functionality to ensure the needs of Berry’s users were met.The concepts focused on presenting information that would be of use to the customers, such as the property search, featured properties and a clear explanation as to why they should choose Berrys, whilst ensuring they reflected true corporate identity.The functionality for the site was centred on engaging with the user more effectively, we introduced a “contact” area at the bottom of each business areas page, which displayed relevant members of staff and created contextualised sidebars.

Development and SEO

Once we had the creative and functionality locked down, we began developing the site, integrating it with internal systems and applying search engine optimisation (SEO), based on the characteristics of Berry’s target audiences, to increase the volume of traffic to the site.



A primary goal of the design was to highlight Berrys corporate identity to reflect the real expertise and experience they offer to clients across the full range of servicesThe new design positions Berrys as providing modern service based on traditional values, with quality customer service at its heart. Berrys corporate identity is presented succinctly, the green background highlighted with hints of golden yellow and white presenting a picture of quality, substance and confidence.

The new menu structure is clearly labelled and simple to use. Each page has a clear structure and contains information focussing on exactly what clients need and want to see. Effective signposting makes for easy movement around the site and a more engaging and satisfactory user experience. Highlighted information is contained in discreet side bars, including relevant news articles, videos and social media feeds.


A fundamental part of Berrys business is the selling and letting of properties and a key attraction for many visitors. Easy maintenance of this section and integrating it with other internal systems is key to speed and efficiency of operation so it was crucial to get the design absolutely right. We ensured that the revised property section

– Integrates seamlessly with their core back-office system (Jupix) – saving time and cost, and reducing the risk of error, by removing the needs for double manual entry

– Offers appropriate search functionality – enabling visitors to easily filter their search to quickly find those properties that meet their personal requirements

– Highlights Featured Properties – on the homepage and internal pages, creating an interest point and offering sellers additional exposure and value.

– Includes an image gallery and mapping functionality – allowing users to identify their potential new home using aesthetic and location criteria before the delving into individual property details.


The site provides comprehensive coverage of Berrys full range of services with each section containing contextualised side bars for every page as well as Contact, News and Case Study pages.


Ease of updating content and keeping the property register up-to-date were key requirements for the project. We achieved this by building the site admin in a way in which it gave Berrys freedom over content and functionality but used templates to ensure the layout out of the site was consistent. Berrys were trained on the site admin and provided with an extensive how-to guide, allowing them to be independent when it comes to updating their content.

Getting more customers

We completed extensive research on the search terms and keywords used by Berrys target audiences when using internet search to identify possible suppliers. We then implemented an SEO programme to ensure that Berrys website was identified by the Google and other search engines. We carried out this exercise for each service area and each office.


Berrys new website delivers a branded online platform that can presents the company positively, demonstrating the standards and quality they deliver to clients. It now acts as the hub of their marketing activities, confident in the knowledge that visitors will be both impressed by what they see and satisfied with the experience they have in using the site.

The verdict of Berrys clients and perspective customers has been positive. The first month after launch saw over 29,223 page views (an increase of 6802 in comparison to the month before). The bounce rate has also been reduced and the average time on the site has increased by nearly one minute.

 Berrys Website Before
19th March 2013 – 19th April 2013
19th April 2013 – 19th May 2013
 Visits 6151 6280
 Page views 22,421 29,112
 Average visit duration 00:02:15 00:03:12
 Bounce rate 42.24% 34.57%


We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and look forward to working alongside Berrys to maintain this success and develop the effectiveness of their digital marketing presence.


“Our project was a sizeable overhaul of a dated website in order to incorporate technically complex features such as the property search bar and a facility for case study uploads. Phew worked alongside us to provide knowledgeable support which was instrumental in making our project a success. We look forward to continuing to work with them.”

Emily Barber, Marketing Manager