Case Study:

Merton Safeguarding Children Partnership (MSCP)

MSCP were originally part of the London Borough of Merton council’s website with IT requirements managed in-house. When the decision was made under the new arrangements to create and launch the new Partnership, it was decided to commission a new website and Learning Management System (LMS) through an external supplier. Funding was found and through extensive discussions with potential developers, Phew was chosen to deliver Merton’s specific requirements.

Website design and development

A new website design was required that would clearly communicate the new Partnership’s aims and services.  An enhanced user experience through accessibility compliance and engagement with all stakeholders was important.

Learning Management System

Safeguarding training is integral to keeping up with statutory guidance, safeguarding policies and procedures that are essential when working with or around children and young people in the United Kingdom.  An online Learning Management System was commissioned to deliver this requirement in a professional and user-friendly manner.

Designed with a nod to the ‘Wimbledon purple’ and to be user-friendly and accessible, Phew produced a fresh uncluttered look, with clear categories and well-defined calls to action, that are simple for all stakeholders to use.  The impactful imagery portrays the Partnership’s multi-cultured population in south-west London, incorporating approximately 20 districts .  After a period of transition to carry bookings from one system to the other, the new website went live on 23 April, 2019.

Affiliated with Merton Safeguarding Adults Board, the new Learning Management System allows MSCP to streamline their training programme by placing the booking procedure and information distribution between Partners online. What previously took admin staff many hours of work booking attendees on events manually, are now booked online by each participant.

The new website is mobile friendly and allows partners, practitioner, parents and young people to access important information about the work of the Safeguarding Children Partnership and key documents to improve the effectiveness of their work to ensure that every child in Merton is safe, supported and successful.

In addition, the MSCP Training Programme now has a new learning management system which allows practitioners to book training and keep track of their continued professional development.  Once a person has created a log-in they are able to book training as well as cancel training, and they have a record of the training they have attended. In addition, they are also able to evaluate each course online.

  • Fully branded to the MSCP’s requirements.
  • Extensive reporting available per event, per organisation and per grouped courses including learning outcomes and trainer evaluations.
  • Increased efficiency through the simplicity of administration and reporting, saving Partnership’s time, resources and reducing overall costs.
  • Multi-agency training and booking available, with an option to limit the number of attendees per sector.
  • Intelligent waiting lists and booking reminders.
  • Ability to hold post-event certificates and training history until feedback form has been completed.
  • Flexible costs that are suitable for all Partnerships, adapted to work around each Partnership’s requirements.


“These are exciting times for the new Merton Safeguarding Children Partnership and the new easy to use website and event booking system have helped us manage the transition from Board to Partnership brilliantly.”

Carla Thomas, MSCP Training Co-ordinator, Merton Safeguarding Children Partnership (MSCP).

 “The Merton Safeguarding Children Partnership have found Phew to be professional, efficient, responsive and will to go the extra mile to deliver a world-class high-quality website.  We would highly recommend Phew to any Partnership wanting to take their website development to the next level.”

Paul Bailey, Safeguarding Development & Policy Manager, Merton Safeguarding Children Partnership (MSCP).


In June 2018, the government announced that all local authorities would need to make arrangements to replace their Local Safeguarding Children Boards by September 2019. Instead of each locality having access to a Local Safeguarding Children Board, the government wants each locality to have access to a team of Safeguarding Partners, who will work collaboratively to strengthen the child protection and safeguarding system.

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