Case Study

MKSCB – Events

MKSCB – Events

Events booking and management system

With the help of Milton Keynes Safeguarding Children Board we created a multi-agency online event booking and management system bespoke to the Safeguarding community. Here’s how it happened…


Milton Keynes Safeguarding Children Board (MKSCB) is a multi-agency independent statutory partnership Board which agrees how services and professionals in Milton Keynes should work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. It ensures the effectiveness of the arrangements made by individual agencies and the wider partnership to safeguard and promote the welfare of children through high support and high challenge.


Along with a complete overhaul of their website, MKSCB were looking to consolidate all features and functions with one company to free up resources and be more cost effective. This included their booking and management system for training and events. The Board had feedback from users of the old site that there was difficulty with site navigation, accessing training courses, feedback forms and certificates.

They were looking for an easily accessible, mobile-responsive system that was simple for both admin and event attendees to use. A key function of the system had to be that the Board could evaluate which courses were regularly being viewed and booked. It also needed to have a waiting list, the option to charge for events and the ability to restrict access to certificates until the attendee had completed a feedback form.


We decided to work alongside MKSCB to build such a system from scratch, bespoke to their needs. We also consulted with other Safeguarding Boards to find additional requirements within the community that we could make sure were addressed.

With MKSCB commissioning the build, we worked towards their specification which focused on creating a system that would not only be beneficial to them but the Safeguarding community as a whole.

A roadmap was created detailing each functionality. Phase one was completed and set live at the end of March 2016, with future development work currently being completed ready for phase two launch.


The result for MKSCB was a bespoke event booking and management system that was uniquely developed for them.

One of the most popular features of the system is the ability to limit the number of attendees booking on from each agency type, for example the Board can specify that they only want 5 attendees from the Police, if a sixth police official tried to book on they would be added to the waiting list.

Here is a round-up of the key functions of the new system, with more still yet to come…

  • Online event booking
  • Option to charge events
  • Event reporting for attendees
  • Registration badges etc.
  • Integration to websites
  • Multi-agency type booking
  • Waiting lists
  • Certificate and training history
  • Extensive reporting
  • Options for workshop booking at conferences

Another result of this project was the increased efficiency for the Board; through having the website, events system and Procedures site completed and hosted by one single company they have been able to achieve an annual saving of approximately £14,000, taking into consideration that they no longer have an eLearning system.

MKSCB have received the following feedback:

“Very efficient, I was really impressed with the functionality of the waiting list. The system was simple, easy to access and easy to register”.

MKSCB Event Booking System User.

Client feedback

“Phew have been a great support throughout the project. They were able to work well with people at all different levels and offered a lot of support, patience and understanding… I was very impressed by how easy they made the whole process, using their SCB and SAB knowledge to guide and advise us on the best way to get what we wanted out of the site. The fact we were able to build relationships with each team member working on our project and have face-to-face meetings was such a positive for us, as well as the fact they are local which allowed us to feel like we were giving back into our community”.

“Phew offered the simplistic advantage of combining all three functions together with one company, which has proved to be much more cost effective and made a huge difference to our admin team’s time efficiency”.

“We are still in the early days of the new [events] system, with a couple more phases yet to go, but it is currently meeting all our requirements at this stage and if any problems have occurred (as they do with new software), Phew have dealt with them quickly and efficiently”.

“I would definitely recommend working with Phew and have already committed to future projects with them myself”.

Helen Craddock, MKSCB Board Manager.

“Phew’s services have been well received by members of Milton Keynes Safeguarding Children Board. They have guided and supported the MKSCB Business Office and worked well with all members of the team. They are knowledgeable and are happy to go the extra mile to ensure that we receive an excellent service. We hope to continue our positive relationship with them in developing an interactive process to help us quality-assure multi-agency practice and outcomes for Children and Young People in Milton Keynes”.

Jane Held, MKSCB Independent Chair.