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Portsmouth PSCB

Portsmouth PSCB

Website design and development

Portsmouth Safeguarding Children’s Board (PSCB) brings together all the main organisations who work with children and families in Portsmouth, with the aim of ensuring that they work together effectively to keep children safe.

We worked with PSCB to design, develop and support their new website.

Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Board (PSCB)

Client contact 

Aileen BlakelyBoard & Child Death Co-ordinator. Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Board


The Portsmouth Safeguarding Children’s Board (PSCB) bring together all the main organisations who work with children and families in Portsmouth, with the aim of ensuring that they work together effectively to keep children safe.  They provide standards and a framework to promote children’s welfare to protect them from abuse and neglect.

The core legislation underpinning the work of the PSCB are the Children Act 1989 and the Children Act 2004.

The PSCB’s objectives, are set out in ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018’, which can be seen on their website.


The PSCB and its committees engage in a wide range of activity to identify what is working well and what needs improving in local safeguarding arrangements and practice.  Part of this requirement is an up-to-date website that is easy to navigate, more engaging, mobile friendly and accessible to all stakeholders.  Outdated and cluttered, their old site’s functionality was limited resulting in a frustrating user experience for the public, their stakeholders and children’s services.  Website design and innovations in WordPress had moved on since this site went live and the new management team felt that a refresh of the site would realign some of their core values and due diligence.  With ever increasing demands on time and budgets, it was important to the Board that they used a web developer that already had proven experience in their sector and an understanding of their specific requirements.  Looking for a modern, welcoming design that embodied the diversity of Portsmouth, PSCB’s priority was that their website should immediately engage the user.  Analysis and transparency were another important requirement to the Board with Google Analytics also on their wish list.


 Phew was chosen to interpret and deliver the brief for a new website that would engage with all stakeholders and facilitate a wide range of ongoing exchanges with the PSCB.  Experience of collaborating with other safeguarding boards on website development along with a clear focus from the PSCB team, enabled Phew to provide a purpose-built website with the minimum of fuss and impact on the PSCB.  Phew developed a new layout with specific sections that allow users to go directly to information specific to them – information at a glance.  Armed with a site plan of the new site, Aileen and her team supplied content, complemented by stock images supplied by Phew.

Features and functionality

  • Fully branded to PSCB’s
  • Use of the Board’s existing website address.
  • Innovative and interactive design.
  • Fully optimised to be viewed across all types of devices.
  • Engaging, multi-functional and easy-to-navigate.
  • A content management system which allows PSCB to make immediate updates as and when required.
  • Training and on-going support – a four-hour response time promise to ensure your site is secure, protected and always up-to-date.
  • Full Google analytic reports – tailored to PSCB’s specific requirements.


The site Phew created for PSCB was built as a content management system (CMS), allowing them to add their own updates and changes when required, meaning there is no limit on changes and it can be completed at any time by the Board member in charge. The site is also fully responsive, working on any screen the user may be looking at it on.  On schedule and to budget, just a month after commencement, Phew facilitated a soft launch to enable the PSCB to test and train their admin team, who were impressed with the improved efficiency facilitated through the simplicity of administration and reporting, saving time, resources and reducing ongoing costs.  The website went live just a week later and was well received by all stakeholders describing it as more user friendly and reported that there has been an 13% increase in hits on their new website.


Phew! have been a pleasure to work with since we first started using them in 2015.  Everyone is polite, personable and very keen to help.  Phew! takes the Aaargh! out of website design!’

Aileen Blakely, Board & Child Death Co-ordinator, Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Board.


‘It was a pleasure to work with Aileen and her team to create a new website and I’m proud of the agility and commitment of our team to have delivered such a great solution in the short time-frame given.’

Kern Roderick-Jones, Studio Manager at Phew.