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Precision Moulded Plastics (PMP)

Precision Moulded Plastics (PMP)

Digital fixes for the manufacturing industry

PMP offer all you could ask for in the world of full service injection moulding, insert moulding and over moulding solutions. However, over time their website, signage and overall digital presence had become dated, causing a lack of new leads and revenue for the business.

They were in need of a revitalisation to boost their reputation and sales. That’s where we stepped in.

The challenges…

A dated website & lack of leads 

Their website did the basics, but it was just that – basic. PMP wanted something more that not only told audiences what they do, but showcased why they should be the ones to do it.

Stilted branding 

PMP had a brand identity, but it was stuck in a rut, in need of revitalisation. They knew it needed updating but were worried about losing their recognition.

Uninspiring imagery

Images can draw customers in or drive them away. PMP knew this and wanted to display their machinery and the previous work they had done in a way that helped customers understand what they do and how they do it.

The answers…

A platform that excels them to the top

We took user-experience to the next level, creating undoubtable trust and belief in PMP’s abilities before discussions even took place, converting users and increasing leads.

Brand rejuvenation

With a bit of TLC, we bought PMP back to life. A fresh take on their recognised brand that we filtered out across their signage, business cards, letterheads…

Making machinery captivating

Prototypes and machinery can be rather dull images, but if done correctly, they can be fascinating. We produced exhilarating imagery and videos to demonstrate PMP’s expertise and show why their work outshines the competition.

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