Case Study

Sefton Sexual Health

Sefton Sexual Health

Website design and development

Sefton Sexual Health Service (SSHS) provide free sexual health services across the communities of Sefton.

As well as receiving feedback from service users and second-party non-service users, they also have mystery shoppers come in to evaluate and assess the clinic and all of its services. The general feedback is very positive for SSHS, with staff being praised for being “non-judgmental” and “explanatory”, meaning this high level of standard needs to replicate throughout everything they do.

Bringing Sefton Sexual Health into the digital age


After going through an internal restructure and becoming an integrated service, SSHS were looking for a refreshed new media interface.

They wanted their new website to act as a central place for key information and provide external links to further information, where they can refer patients to reduce the number of unnecessary people waiting to be seen by specialists.

Through the new website they also wanted to be able to reach and communicate with the more diverse groups that they provide services for, who SSHS may not have distinct geographical data for but still need to get information to.

An important factor for SSHS was being able to update the site as-and-when required to keep patients and stakeholders informed to the best of their ability.


A clear, concise website that’s simplistic navigation makes it easy to use for staff, professionals and patients. Fully optimised to work on all mobiles and tablets, it is perfectly suited to the majority of SSHS’ patients who are between 15 – 30 years old.

As the clinic times and locations are the most viewed information on the site we made sure links to these pages are clearly visible from the homepage to help guide site users straight to the information they want.

We also gave significant placement to the social media links which are vital for increasing engagement with the clinic’s youthful audience, and the ‘hide site’ button that enables users to instantly be redirected to a blank Google search page. This button is a valuable feature for both patients and SSHS; patients feel safe accessing the site and that the clinic understands them and any worries they may have. It is decisions on features such as these, which are created with the patient in mind, which sets the website apart from sites of a similar nature.

Another bespoke element of is the interactive video that allows visitors to get a sense of what to expect when they visit the clinic. Again, this is a solution for a challenge that SSHS faced; they were aware that bringing people into the clinic was the best way to reach them, however logistically it was impossible to continue doing, so the video was created to still allow patients to have the visitor experience but without utilising staff time and resources.



The stats

Three months prior to new site

Total visits4,717
Unique pageviews7,676

Three months after new site

Total visits8,319

(76.36% increase)

Unique pageviews12,514

(63.03% increase)


There has been a noticeable increase in customer satisfaction, thanks to the ease of navigation, useful and relevant resources, the interactive video and most importantly the up-to-date information, which is possible due to the team being able to update the site quickly and efficiency whenever required using WordPress. These features have also resulted in an increase in efficiency and available resources for the clinic.

In addition to this, the project has given staff members a new-found knowledge and awareness of their main audience group and the use of social media for health awareness.

The final outcome is that SSHS now have a solid base for any future online requirements such as their own online tools, more interactive features or surveys.

Client feedback

“Phew were incredibly patient throughout the process. In order to make the website fully representative for all of the business there were various discussions throughout the organisation that needed to be had and different channels of communication that needed to be taken. Phew accepted the slowness this resulted in and understood the difficultly in decision-making. This was especially appreciated towards the end as moments before completion we needed to change the name of our organisation. This meant that the project had to be halted whilst an internal consultation took place and the Chief Exec was informed of the changes. Phew were extremely accommodating throughout this unexpected delay.”

I would definitely recommend Phew in the future. Their experience within the sector has given them an understanding of public sector organisations and our needs, as well as the challenges we face with regards to efficiency and time. We would be unable to work with anyone who didn’t understand that. Their experience also proved very helpful to us as they were able to use their knowledge to give us insights and suggestions about how to combat any issues that we came across.”

Elizabeth Kay

Sexual Health Promotion Service Lead, Southport & Ormskirk NHS Trust