Case Study

Surrey LSCB

Surrey LSCB

Website | Procedures Site | Events System | Auditing Tool

Integrated systems, streamlined processes, automated reports and enhanced user experiences have given Surrey Safeguarding Children Board an increased amount of time and resources to dedicate to other areas of work and reduced overall costs for the Board. | | |


  • Significant efficiency savings through having all four systems with one provider
  • Increased customer satisfaction levels
  • Improved communication
  • Easier dissemination of information
  • More administrative time freed up allowing for focus on other areas of work
  • Improved interface with practitioners
  • Ability to enhance the service they offer
  • Google Analytics results show the amount of visitors are increasing each month and we predict this pattern will continue

“Investing in new systems saves money in the long term and can help improve the reputation of an organisation, especially if you collate them all with one specialist provider”.

Jane Donson

SSCB Training and Commissioning Officer


£42,900 income

3 / 610 transactionss were refunds

£70 average income per transaction.

“The functions of the new site are very straightforward and we have already
received positive feedback. The dynamic design allow us to emphasise purpose and highlight particular areas. Thanks to the training provided by Phew we are able to continue adding material and links to
 enhance practice.

“The accessibility and intuitiveness of the system has allowed practitioners to easily navigate around it and has made booking training courses simpler and more efficient. 

“Phew provided a very effective transition from the old system to the new platform. Support before and after going live has been excellent, with quick response times to all requests.

“Working with a proven sector provider such as Phew gave us a range benefits such as improved communication with our audience and the ability to have control of the web pages so we can update them as-and-when required.

“Overall we were very impressed with the service, support and expert advice we received from Phew throughout the project. We would definitely work with them again in the future and recommend their services to others”.

Jane Donson

SSCB Training and Commissioning Officer