Case Study

Cambridge Regional College

Cambridge Regional College

Website design and development, eMarketing, Consultation

Cambridge Regional College (CRC) provides a full range of academic and vocational courses across many subject areas at various levels to suit the abilities and future needs of students. They have a thriving learning environment that is continually expanding to meet the needs of both current and potential students. While this makes it an exciting environment to study and work, it has a significant impact on how the college communicates effectively with all its stakeholders.

A major development of CRC’s website was required to ensure it was meeting the Web Accessibility guidelines and complying with relevant legislation such as the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Their main focus was to make sure they were utilising the best possible online channels of communication to provide all of the college community with up-to-date and accurate information; this is where Phew was bought in.

Lara Jodin, Marketing Manager says…

“Our in-house technical and design teams were able to improve our website to a point, but it needed Phew’s expertise and programming skills to meet accessibility requirements and get us to where we wanted to be. We are delighted that a recent independent review of our website noted that it was now very good for accessibility.

In addition to supporting CRC with this project, Phew provides ad-hoc assistance to the college as its resources and budgets require. This includes not only technical guidance, but input to design and eMarketing issues too.

The Phew team is extremely flexible and is willing to co-operate with our varying needs. On some areas of our internet communications we want them to lead, while on others we simply need their expertise to be available in the background. They are always co-operative and empathise with what is required.”