Case Study



Website design and development, Strategy, Consultation

The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) is part of the NHS. We were asked to provide NPSA with a wide range of support from specification planning and implementation to working with managers from across NPSA’s business to ensure their specific requirements are met, through to ongoing reviews of their internet communications, ensuring continual improvement for the business.

Vivienne Allan from NPSA said of our work…

“I had a clear idea of what was required and was confident that Phew would deliver. The NPSA website makes it easy for users to find the information they want and having had our team trained on the Content Management System it is simple for us quickly to make updates.

Due to a lack of resources, the NPSA also called on Phew to provide additional consultancy and interim project management to lead on the development of the website and to ensure a smooth rollout across the organisation. This included strategic input to the selection of software providers, specification planning and also working with managers from across NPSA’s business to determine what they wanted from the website to ensure that it met the whole organisation’s requirements.

The Phew team quickly dealt with any technical issues and requirements for bespoke development as they arose. They ensured that the whole process from the initial specification to the final delivery was as efficient as possible. In a public sector organisation as large as ours, this can be extremely complicated and time consuming, but Phew took it in their stride and helped us to achieve our objectives.

Since the launch of the website Phew has continued working with various departments across the NPSA and has facilitated workshops to review how their internet communication is currently performing and can be improved, then implementing these plans when resources are tied up else where.”