Case Study

NPSA – Clean Your Hands campaign

NPSA – Clean Your Hands campaign

Consultation, Content Management System (CMS)

This campaign for the National Safety Patient Agency (NSPA) was created to promote cleaner hands for the NPSA’s Stakeholders.

In partnership with Easysite we worked with the Clean Your Hands campaign team to determine how their website should be developed to provide relevant information in appropriate ways to healthcare professionals, patients and their visitors and then deliver a solution that has received unanimously positive feedback.

Jennie Fergusson, NSPA Campaign Officer said of the project…

“It was a real joint effort. Although we had our own ideas, we relied on Phew’s technical and communications expertise to direct us to the most appropriate solutions. A lot was achieved through workshops where Phew and our team worked through the requirements and issues to determine the best ways forward. From the initial specification of the website, through its implementation and ongoing support, I have consistently been impressed by the Phew team. Their people are very good at explaining why and how they are implementing internet-based technology in a non-technical manner which is immensely valuable and quite unusual in internet marketing companies.”