Developing three L&D University Hospital departments online

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Phew first started working with Luton and Dunstable University Hospital in February 2013 and soon after we re-launched the hospital website.

Since the patient choice initiative was introduced in the NHS to often offer patients a choice about which hospital to receive treatment from, many hospitals, including those with leading clinical services or regional centres, have become more commercially astute and use digital platforms to alert, inform and engage with patients and potential patients.

This year Phew was asked to help develop the online presence of three Luton and Dunstable (L&D) departments – Fertility, Obesity and the Breast Unit – to support their business development activities.


L&D wants to be one of the safest hospitals in the country with patient safety as a natural priority. Equally it wants patients to feel confident that their care and experience will be of the highest quality.

In today’s world ‘highest quality’ goes beyond direct care and needs to be further supported, pre and post discharge or visit.

The financial opportunity to increase referrals is key for all hospitals but with departments aware of the financial benefits, ‘selling’ themselves has never been more important.

How have we helped?

Having redesigned and redeveloped the main hospital website in 2013, we’ve continued to develop a supportive partnership with the L&D.

Barry Meyes, Head of Communications at the hospital said:

“The hands-on support from Phew, who have turned our ideas into information that is patient-focused yet meets the needs of all of our stakeholders, has been invaluable. They have taken what has seems like a daunting process, helped us break it down and given the projects real focus.”

What have we done?

  • Analysing analytics to see what people are looking at on the department pages
  • Consultancy to identify how stakeholders use Google to find out information about L&D and develop a solution to meet this need
  • Design and build of microsites for each of the three hospital departments (within a corporate structure to meet the communication standards)
  • Search engine optimisation to position the hospital correctly
  • Training so that staff can make updates as they need to.

What’s next?

Barry continued:

“The partnership is threefold; Phew continue to support us with the main website, adding value with their knowledge and support.  Secondly, we know other departments will want to take up the opportunity to deliver this best practice approach for engaging with stakeholders.  Finally with L&D going through massive change in the redevelopment of our site, engaging all stakeholders is key and the website will support this.”

If you’re looking for help with a project to understand and upgrade your website or to make it multi-channel, please get in touch.