Delivering a cohesive digital presence for Ashe Construction

Date: Monday, 21st September 2015 | Category: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The long-term partnership between Ashe and Phew Internet delivers a cohesive digital presence for the exciting construction company. It manages commercial design and build of public and private sector buildings and has been one of Phew’s valued clients since 2006.


For construction business Ashe, the company website is the primary shop window which can showcase the innovative, practical structures that it creates for its clients, demonstrates what it can offer potential clients and how it tenders for work with and without strategic partners. New and existing clients are equally important audiences for the company to consider when it comes to running and developing the website.

How have we helped?

Our team has managed Ashe’s website and related optimisation since 2006 and it has evolved and matured alongside the web itself.  About 18 months ago we project managed a site refresh, designed in collaboration with our designers and the in-house team at Ashe.

Andrew Morris, Business Development Director, said: “I’m really happy with how the work is going with Phew – but I suppose that’s a given since they’ve been our digital partner for nine years now! We have a good working relationship – they’re consultative and very passionate about creating and finessing an intuitive end-user customer journey.”

What have we done?

  • Working closely with the in-house project manager, our job is to consult on and share the design work, drive and manage website development and technical implementation as well as manage Ashe’s SEO activity.
  • Helped Ashe to establish a consistent digital brand presence – all its marketing and sales activities drive back to the site as a call to action. Together we’ve created a professional, accurate and fresh portrayal of what the company does in the bricks and mortar environment – online.
  • Encouraged the digital team to review and use the information that all sources of web analytics provides before we make any changes. It’s often surprising that perceived unpopular or ‘so-so’ content could be performing really well once the analytics and data are examined. We’ve advised Ashe to make digital changes based on the data and add a little bit of gut feeling too.

What about the impact?

The Ashe website continues to cement its reputation as a leader in its field with an evolving, modern, pared-back design in which the strong photography and imagery showcase the design and construction work, supported by a ‘less is more’ approach to copy.

Traffic to the website has been robust, driven largely by organic growth. Looking at results from our SEO support, from October 2013 to October 2014 (a changeable time due to plenty of iterations Google made to its algorithms) daily SEO visits to the website have doubled, demonstrating a successful strategy in this area.

What’s next?

Rupa Shikotra, Graphic Designer, said: “Phew has been our partner and guided us in the digital space as Ashe has grown.  We’re now examining how we can improve our website – and plan to put some exciting changes into practice in around six months from now.”