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Enticing the right kind of crowds

Date: Monday, 14th September 2015 | Category: , , , , , , , , , , ,

It’s the question that every person or business with a website asks themselves most often – how do I generate more unique visits to my website?  And just as often, that question then starts them on a journey to understanding more about how a website can help build their business.

But back to the question… Matt Willson, Internet Consultant at Phew says we recommend looking at it another way.  We ask:

– how can you encourage more of the right visits to your website?

– how do you convert those visits into an action of some kind?

More of the right visits

Google’s algorithm is famously complex and secretive but as a starting point, fundamentally it’s designed to reward. Despite all the changes and iterations to the way Google works, it still boils down to two basics:

– quality content: Google wants to send visitors to the websites that give the person searching everything that they need

– popular and respected around the web: do other websites link to and from yours? Are you busy engaging with communities on social networks? Do you refresh your website with new or updated content regularly?

Once you run a popular website where people find the relevant, quality content they’re looking for, the challenge is then to ask:

1) Are people looking for your company by name?

– are your competitors using AdWords to syphon off visits intended for you?

– do you have a business listing on Google Maps?

2) Are people looking for your product, service or the information you provide able to find you?

– do you know what your customers actually type into Google when they search?

– how could you use AdWords or increased social media activity to plug the gaps in your search visibility?

Converting visits to action

Saying all that, generating the right number and kind of visitors to a website is usually not the problem – it’s running a website that people can easily ‘get what they want’ – whether that’s taking out a subscription, buying a product or service online, making a sales enquiry or sharing your unique content.

1) Do you understand your customers’ buying journey?

– which sites did they visit before yours?

– do they want to talk to a human or contact purely online?

– do they want to download information?

– do they want to buy immediately and arrange next-day delivery?

2) Does your site give customers as many possible options that’s feasible for your business?

– can they easily navigate their way along their buying journey?

– is your site tablet and mobile-optimised?

– can they easily have a conversation with you – online or offline?

Then the only thing left to ask yourself is: are you tracking how people use your website, to take the guesswork out of your future business decision-making?

We can carry out a review of your website, help customers find you and advise how effectively they interact to maximise the return your website can bring your business.  Why not get in touch now to arrange this?