Will Slideshare be the biggest professional social website of 2016?

Date: Wednesday, 9th September 2015 | Category: , , , , , , ,

If you haven’t heard of or used the website Slideshare yet, chances are in the next few months you will decide you need it in your life!  It’s already in the top 120 most-visited websites in the world and since LinkedIn purchased the presentations and content social network in 2012, 70 million professionals a month have used it to share over 18 million pieces of business-related content. 

On the site you can view interesting presentations, infographics, documents and videos or upload and share your own content and intelligence with a larger, targeted audience than you might otherwise be able to.

See, we told you you’d like it!  But before you sigh and think – yet another social media platform to spend time on – please don’t.  Think of it as a professional version of YouTube and crucially, an extension of LinkedIn.  Presentations are often the main way that professionals easily convey their experience and knowledge, so this site makes it simpler and allows you to share what you want to say with new connections, enhancing your own reputations and that of your company.

Here are five simple rules for making the most of this powerful site:

  • Construct your story – think about what you’d like to learn on Slideshare or other business websites. Your presentations, infographics and other content should inform and interest professionals without ‘selling’ to them.
  • Paint a picture – good design, especially on the opening slide, is really important. It will appear as the thumbnail in search results and next to the content shares it on social media networks.
  • Keep it short – the average number of slides in a presentation should be around 15.
  • Promote (for free) – you can make the most of what you’ve created by writing a blog post about it, taking images or excerpts from the content and sharing in tweets or LinkedIn posts, embedding it onto a page on your website or sending emails to clients linking to it.
  • Promote (paid-for B2B lead generation) – in August this year LinkedIn announced the launch of Slideshare’s Leadhub, allowing users to create or use existing content created in Slideshare to define the criteria for generating leads from it, publish it and use that to promote the content against a specific set of objectives. You’ll then receive reports of any leads to follow up. This Slideshare presentation below should guide you through it.

One final thought – don’t forget that the integration with LinkedIn means your profile on there definitely needs to be current – make sure you present yourself and your experience in the best, clearest way possible.

For some advice about how creating the right presentations, infographics, documents and videos can fit into your digital strategy, please get in touch.