Do you know where your callers are coming from?

Date: Tuesday, 19th January 2016 | Category: , , , , , , ,

So you have your Google Analytics in place, you have platforms such as Lead Forensics letting you know which companies visit your site, but how do you know where your callers are coming from? Not only this, but also what that caller was up to on your website before and after they spoke to you?

That’s where call tracking comes in. Call tracking is essential for a fully integrated marketing campaign and detailed review and analysis, allowing you to make informed campaign decisions.

Google reported that over 40 million calls were driven from Google Ads in 2015, proving the importance that calls still have despite the digital world that we now live in. Selecting the call button is still a lot easier than filling out a form on a mobile or tablet.

Platforms such as Mediahawk allow you to track both inbound and outbound calls, which can be used for staff training and quality improvement processes, and also clearly allows you to see which marketing actions have resulted in phone calls to your company. By associating a different telephone number to each campaign, you are able to see where the call has come from; whether that be a Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), print advertising or any other on or offline marketing campaign. The software then tracks that caller’s behaviour so you can view their activity on your website before, during and after the call.

By knowing how many calls and visitors are being generated from key words you will know if and when you need to adjust any search terms to increase the success of your campaign and get more calls through to your business. This is also a useful tool when it comes to budgeting as it gives you a clearer idea of where you should be distributing your budget.

If your company could benefit from valuable insights, improved campaign management and decreased costs, give me a call on 01234 779 054 or email to talk about how we can work together with Mediahawk to fill in the missing link in your marketing analytics and boost your profits today.