Doing the unexpected

Date: Tuesday, 9th February 2016 | Category: , , , , , , ,

Leap years; when worry and anxiety is pushed to the side and we allow ourselves to take the plunge and embrace risks.

We know that’s easier said than done which is why we are here to help you along the way.

Being established in 2001, we are experienced in the industry and can confidently advise you on the best strategies for your business. We also know how the ever-expanding amount of options and alternatives now available to customers means now is the time for your business to stand out of the crowd.

This involves taking risks.

Although you may not know if these risks will pay off 100% but if it does, it will give you that competitive edge that you need.

An easy (yet still daunting) start you can make is by taking a stance. Choose a subject relevant to your target audience and show where you stand on it. Although it is obviously up to the company to decide their own opinion, we recommend going with the one that will be most popular with your audiences, otherwise this might have the opposite effect than what you are looking for! Remember whatever decision you make, stand strong and give good reasoning.

Although it is best to keep to the side-lines on really controversial subjects so as not to offend of alienate potential customers, that doesn’t mean you have to ignore them. Why not raise the subject on a platform such as social media and create an engaging conversation – make the situation work for you. This won’t only increase your engagement levels but also your brand awareness.

Another risk you can take is to try out different mediums and platforms. Whether it’s a fairly low risk one like trying a new social media platform or one that carries slightly more risk such as advertising in a new magazine or on a different website. Time is the main loss here if these changes do not have the desired impact, and potentially capital depending on which option you take, but the point to remember is that the end reward could be even greater than you have experienced from your standard campaign.

The key factor in all of this is experimentation. Consider what new actions or direction you could take to further increase your company’s profitability and popularity. We all know how the if it isn’t broke…saying goes but as Anthony Robbins saidif you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you’ve always got’.

At Phew we can help you every step of the way; from the initial strategy planning, to implementation, right through to collecting and analysing results and feedback on the new campaign’s success.

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