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New launches for the Safeguarding community

Date: Friday, 20th May 2016 | Category: , , , , , , , , ,

With our Safeguarding client-base increasing and more projects being launched and updated regularly, things really seem to be taking off for both us and our clients…

Back in October we told you about the launch of our new digital solution exclusively for Safeguarding Boards. Since then not only have we added in some great new developments to it and increased our Safeguarding Board clients to 17, but have also launched three more solutions with more still yet to come.


27 October 2015 saw the launch of our first Procedures website; a bespoke site for both Adult and Children Safeguarding Board’s Procedures and Policies. In addition to The Sussex Child Protection Procedures which was set up for PAN Sussex (made up of the Brighton & Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex Local Safeguarding Children Boards), subsequent sites have recently been launched for Milton Keynes Safeguarding Children Board (MKSCB) and Sussex Safeguarding Adults.

The Procedures websites are designed to provide Safeguarding Boards with a modern, clean and interactive site. They include an advanced search capability, making it easier and faster for both the in-house team to update themselves and for end users to navigate.

The unique digital and website structure presents Boards and their work in the most appropriate way.  The tried and trusted framework provides a large variety of options and scope for customisation, based on fully branded templates.  With social media streams integrated into the functionality, and them all being fully mobile and tablet compatible, each Safeguarding Board can ensure their digital presence is first-rate. Technical support and analysis of performance and activity are included in the package.

Please see the below links for examples…

Helen Craddock, MKSCB Board Manager had this to say…

“Phew offered the simplistic advantage of combining all three functions together with one company [website, procedures site and events booking system], which has proved to be much more cost effective and made a huge difference to our admin team’s time efficiency… The whole team have been surprised by the simplicity… which was made even easier by Phew’s training on the system”.

Event Booking Management System

Working closely with MKSCB again, we have recently built a new bespoke event booking and management system, uniquely developed for the Safeguarding community.

A popular feature of the system is the ability to limit the number of attendees booking on from each agency type, for example the Board can specify that they only want 5 attendees from the Police – if a sixth police official tried to book on they would be added to the waiting list.

Other key functions of the new system include…

  • Online event booking
  • Option to charge events
  • Event reporting for attendees
  • Registration badges etc.
  • Integration to websites
  • Multi-agency type booking
  • Waiting lists
  • Certificate and training history
  • Extensive reporting
  • Options for workshop booking at conferences

…with more still yet to come.

Milton Keynes have commented on the increased efficiency the Board has had as a result of this new system, which was supported by the following feedback from a site user…

“Very efficient, I was really impressed with the functionality of the waiting list. The system was simple, easy to access and easy to register”.

Please see here to find out more, or give me a call on 01234 779 054 to find out how we can adapt this for your organisation.

Online Section 11 Audits

We pride ourselves on being responsive to our client’s needs; which is why we have created an online auditing tool for Safeguarding Boards to complete their Section 11 Audits. The feedback we were receiving from clients regarding their pain points were that these forms seemed never-ending and tedious, and collating all the information from them together into one set of results was an extremely monotonous process which consumed both time and resources.

To resolve this, our recently-launched solution is simple and effective to use; you can have multiple questions which have the option to be grouped by section and there is a ‘stop and save’ functionality that allows the person completing it to leave and then return to the form at any point until it is submitted.

Each question has the following fields…

  • Title
  • Summary/Rationale
  • Description
  • Evidence (option to upload documents of restricted size
  • Actions required (multiple entries; title, target date)
  • Rating – self assessment
  • Rating – board assessment

An action report can be automatically generated per organisation for the Board, as well as a spider-gram of progress. The administrator can also see the totals of started, not started and completed audits. A range of different graphical reports can be instantly generated from the information collected, saving both time and resources.

Each online tool is branded to fit the individual Board and uses their website address for the URL, e.g.

Young People Apps

At Phew we also offer to build sites specific for young people. To avoid any confusion- we do not mean mobile apps (although we are more than happy to build you one of these too if you require!). These are micro-sites off the main one that target the younger generation. Let’s be honest, not many young people are going to want to download a Safeguarding app onto their phone but they are likely to have a quick look online and if the site is appealing to them they are more likely to stay longer and pay more attention to it.

As with all our websites, these are fully mobile optimised so they can be viewed on any device and have social media integrated throughout.

Want in?

If you are interested in having any of these new products or want to know what else we have hidden up our sleeves give me a call on 01234 779 054 or email me at and we can start talking about how to increase your efficiency and reach your potential.