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Service Spotlight: Online Audit Tool

Date: Monday, 27th June 2016 | Category: , , , , ,

We are proud to announce the launch of another new product for the Safeguarding community; our Online Audit Tool.

Built with the capability to be used for all your different regulatory and best practise audits such as Section 11, joint commissioning and improvement tools, this new system is guaranteed to increase your Board’s value.

Our eight years’ plus experience in the Safeguarding community means we understand the different needs and requirements of Boards as well as the challenges they face. It is this knowledge alongside the close relationships we have with a number of Boards across the UK, with whom we consulted, that has led us to the development of this all-encompassing, integrated audit tool. The goal of which is to improve the efficiency of not only your Board but the auditing process as a whole.

Download the Online Audit Tool product sheet here.

Key Benefits

  • Increased efficiency through the simplicity of administration and reporting, saving Board’s time and resources and reducing ongoing costs
  • Immediate automated reports and graphs that detail an organisations actions and progress
  • Enhanced usability through ‘Stop and save’ functionality
  • Flexible costs that are suitable for all Boards, adapted to work around each Board’s requirements

Top Features

  • Enhanced usability for Boards and users

The straight forward, simple display and functionalities allow both Board administrators and system users to navigate the site with ease. The transition from your website to the booking site is made even more effortless by the ability to personalise the system to fit each Board’s branding, from colour schemes to website addresses (for example:

  • Stop and save functionality

All organisations completing an audit will have the option to save their progress then return to and update it at any time until submission

  • Question flexibility

We offer multiple question formats and the option to group questions per section if required. You can use any combination of the following questions parts:

  • Title
  • Summary/Rationale
  • Description
  • Evidence (option to upload documents – of restricted size) (optional)
  • Actions required (multiple entries; title; target date) (optional)
  • Self-assessment rating
  • Board assessment rating
  • Free-form answer (optional)

“Helping quality-assure multi-agency practice and outcomes”

Jane Held, MKSCB Independent Chair had this to say…

“Phew’s services have been well received by members of Milton Keynes Safeguarding Children Board. They have guided and supported the MKSCB Business Office and worked well with all members of the team. They are knowledgeable and are happy to go the extra mile to ensure that we receive an excellent service. We hope to continue our positive relationship with them in developing an interactive process to help us quality-assure multi-agency practice and outcomes for Children and Young People in Milton Keynes.”


We understand how important reporting is, but also how time consuming and tedious collating reports can be. That’s why this new system will automatically produce the following reports…

  • Per organisation (visible to both the Board administrators and the organisation completing it)
    • Action report
    • Spider gram of progress
  • Per audit (visible to the Board administrators only)
    • Total not started
    • Total started
    • Total completed
  • Per completed audit
    • Graphical report
    • Contact report

Take one and pass it on

Why not download one of our new product sheets and take it along to your next Chairs or Board meeting?

Prefer to receive hard copies in the post? That’s fine, we know the old ways are still the best in some cases. Call me directly on 01234 779 054 or email with your postal address and the number of copies you would like and I will get them sent out straight away.


You can download our new Online Audit Tool product sheet here.

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