The importance of custom built websites: stand out from the crowd

Date: Thursday, 9th June 2016 | Category: , , , , , , , , ,

We’ve all seen adverts for these DIY website builders; they are quick, easy and cheap right? Wrong.

Time consuming and potentially highly expensive in the long term would be more accurate.

If all you are looking for is the most basic website to have running for a very short period of time, then these ones are probably best for you. But if you are planning on having this site live for a number of years (obviously with updates along the way), and/ or want any feature that will make your website stand out from the millions of others like it, then it is worth investing your money in a reputable company that can do all this for you.

Being a web design and development company you may guess that we would recommend staying away from these DIY sites, so to convince you here is a list of the key reasons you should shy away from the DIYs…

Time v money

Although in the short term the cost of these sites are cheaper than investing in someone to design and build your site custom to your business; for you and your team to then do your own in-house planning and building this using a site that you may or may not be very familiar with, could take a large chunk of your presumably limited time. Wouldn’t you rather save resources and get someone who knows what they are doing?

Yes please – let’s start planning

Long term expense

If you are planning on having your website for a long period of time, it makes sense to do the sums and work out what option will be the most cost-effective in the long run. Remember to consider more than just hosting here – over the lifespan of your website you will want software updates, the latest functions and features (if you are able to have them), extra storage and bandwidth as your business grows and support from a knowledgeable source when required. This is where the hidden costs lie, these things all add up and added with the time and hassle that can be involved in obtaining them you find yourself wondering why you didn’t just go with one provider who automatically does it all without question.

I want to increase my efficiency and value


In line with the previous point, as the business grows and technology develops, you will want to update your website’s functionality. Maybe you want to start taking payments online, want to add an ‘escape’ button for people to be able to quickly hide your site if required (extremely popular in the Health sector), or even just integrate your social media to have your latest posts appearing on your website. With a development company such as ours these things are easily achieved; not only can we build them straight away but we also offer to come and train you and your colleagues so that we know both you and your website are working to their fullest potential.

Some website builders will not allow you to change your template at all, if you want a new updated one you have to completely start from scratch using the new template, taking us back to the first point about time efficiency.

With approximately 300-500 websites created per minute across the world, it is important that yours stands out from the crowd – alongside the design, it will be these functionalities and features that make yours the one that gets noticed and makes people want to come back to it.

Make my website stand out from the crowd

Moving on

If you decide that you are not happy with the provider and want to move on from the company you are currently using for your DIY website, you could face an issue as some sites do not allow you to transfer and keep the same site. Again, meaning you would have to start from scratch with a new website builder. If this was the case with a web development company such as ours however (although we would make sure you never wanted to leave!), we would be able to transfer your whole site including the domain to your new provider.

Reasons you may want to change could be…

  • Lack of space
  • Lack of functionality
  • Traffic restrictions / inability to cope with traffic level
  • Poor customer service/ lack of support

Let’s start how we meant to go on

Google ranking

We ensure all our websites are running at their maximum efficiency for top speeds, however this is not the case for DIY websites. Speed is a vital requirement for a successful website; research shows that 57% of users will instantly leave a website that takes over three seconds to load. The slow-speed punishment doesn’t stop here though, Google will also down-rank any sites over the three second mark as part of their bid to promote websites that enhance user experience (UX).

Get me on Google!

Mobile responsiveness

From 21st April 2015 Google started down-ranking websites that were not responsive on searches from a mobile. So if you searched for a site on your phone that wasn’t mobile-friendly, it would be lower down the list than sites that offered similar services and had a responsive site.

With mobile traffic set to overtake desktop, you need to make sure your website it ready. The issue with DIY sites here is that not all of them are fully optimised and those that are tend to just simplify the desktop version without careful consideration about the different user habits across different devices. We base each design on the user needs and requirements, based on your target audience and the device they will be using to access the site.

Let’s get mobile-friendly


Let’s face it, things go wrong. Like it or not, it happens so we need someone ready to fix the problems as soon as they occur. We pride ourselves on responding to all support queries within four hours, rather than you having to wait days and potentially losing business due to it.

As well as this we do regular software updates to keep you running at maximum efficiency and ahead of the competition.

Get me the support I need


Along with these points, added extras such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Analytics and bespoke features such as integrated events booking systems, are all things you can benefit from if you were to work with us.

We offer free consultations, whether you know what you are looking for or want to talk to someone about different options that are available to you and your budget – utilise our knowledge and expertise and give us a call today. You have nothing to lose and knowledge and a cup of tea or coffee to gain!

Give me a call on 01234 779 054, email me at or contact us online to start the discussion.