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Unlimited Support for Safeguarding Boards

Date: Thursday, 23rd June 2016 | Category: , , , , , ,

We are now proud to say we can offer unlimited Support to all Safeguarding Boards as part of their Support Agreement

With your Phew Support Agreement (SA) Safeguarding Boards are now covered for unlimited support on the following issues:

  • Site updates – websites require regular, important updates (as and when they become available), to ensure your platform is running at it’s full potential
  • Security – we maintain the security of your site to protect it against malicious attacks
  • Technical assistance – with our training we are sure that you won’t need it, but if you do have any questions or just need a quick reminder on how to do something then we are here

… and even better you will have Prioritised Support, meaning a response within four hours.

Named Contacts

When setting up your SA, your company will be asked to provide us with one named Support Contact who will be the one person from your company who is able to report a Support issue. For safety and security, we will only be able to raise a Support case from the appointed person. We do understand that one person can’t be there the whole time though, so for that reason we ask for a ‘second in command’ to be named as our secondary contact.

Support v Project

If the Support issue is expected to take over two hours worktime to complete, a discussion will need to be had about our proposed solution with you, making it then become a project. Projects are not covered under your SA so the relevant documents will need to be raised and a key Account Manager allocated to oversee the smooth running of it.

Get in touch

All Support issues should be reported by calling our dedicated Support Line on 01234 779 050, emailing or visiting us online at

Want to find out more or set up your own project? You can get in touch with me directly on 01234 779 054 or email me at