Marketing in an ever-changing society

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We’ve managed to sneak our newest team member away from her usual duties to write a special guest blog on her take on the effect of today’s culture on the marketing industry.

Take it away Victoria…

Way back in the days of old the nearest thing to SEO was renaming your company to Aaron’s Autos, just for the possibility of more revenue. Now, in 2016 we have come a long way from dusty Yellow Pages and rusting pay phones.

Consumer Behaviour is rapidly developing a pattern of increased engagement with content marketing, frequently seen on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Take the following Twitter ads that happened to appear in my feed for example – I’ve always said I want to go to New York, it’s a big goal on my bucket list, and in a primarily dairy free house there is always Alpro around. These serve to be very good, albeit creepily accurate, examples of content marketing; capturing exactly what I want (or at least making me think it is what I want).

In the last few years the popularity of social media platforms have increased, especially in this world of high celebrity culture which sees them utilising these new channels to either self-promote or endorse products. However it has been forecast that the development and rise of new social media platforms will slow to almost a complete stop. The big risers have staked their claim with new rivals falling at the wayside. So what does this mean for marketing?

Celebrity endorsement is arguably a big factor in why social media is so powerful a tool when executed properly. In a day and age where people idolise their favourite stars to the point of feeling the need to
purchase the same products and live the same experiences they do, luxury has become part of every-day life for many people. As a result, celebrities have now been given unwarranted power over the success of the products they market. An example of this is the now ever-increasingly popular waist trainers, which the Kardashian sisters have been seen promoting all over their Instagram and Snapchat accounts – see image (courtesy of Instagram/ khloekardashian). Celebrities have evolved into a driving force in marketing due to their access to and influence over a wide audience base through the different social media channels. Facebook recently introduced a new feature of live updates; giving everyone the chance to live stream an event or a vlog with real time responses and effects. This led the now infamous ‘Chewbacca lady’ to viral fame in seconds. Whilst she was not a celebrity before, she quickly rose to their level, with her social accounts being verified; the highest approval any account can receive. The Chewbacca mask she wears in the video quickly sold out and a laughing Chewbacca mask lady action figure was made in her honour. Whilst unintentional this is a perfect representation of social media and its power over consumer behaviour.

The growing use of mobile phones for instant access has seen online consumption and purchase increase from 12% in 2008 to now over 50%. This, along with Google’s decision to de-rank non-mobile friendly websites on mobile searches since April 2015, has led to a surge in fully responsive sites and has caused eMarketing organisations to review client’s websites in line with these changes to ensure they stay ahead of the competition.

All of these developments in society have an everyday impact on the marketing industry. If you want to stay ahead of the game you have to not only be aware of them but most importantly understand how they affect your clients and how you can make them work to your advantage.

By Victoria Reece

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