Service Spotlight: The art of story-telling

Date: Thursday, 28th July 2016 | Category: , , , , , , , ,

I woke up this morning and something amazing happened…

That is all it takes. I have already got you interested in less than ten words. How? The art of story-telling.

It feels like nearly everything I read at the minute is trying to sell me something. Our natural reaction? Switch off. People are now starting to ignore content that isn’t of the highest standard, leading to lower ROIs and many marketers feeling stuck for ideas.

Think about TV adverts – the majority of people will flick channels in between the adverts or busy themselves with something else unless one comes on that really grabs their attention and makes them feel compelled to watch. You have to make your audience feel compelled to read on.

That is where story-telling comes in

Historically used in video marketing, it is now seeping into every form to engage and entice the audience. The main purpose behind it is to create an emotional investment, engrossing customers in the story itself so they aren’t even fully aware that a product is being sold to them.

They key is consistency

For audiences to truly invest in what you are saying the story needs to ripple through every aspect of your marketing. Be careful though, this doesn’t mean that each communication needs to be the same. Remember the basic rules of marketing; tailor everything to your target market. Portray the same story in different ways that will effectively convey it to each specific audience.

You long-term aim is to build a relationship with this person so don’t make the mistake of giving your story a definite end, otherwise you will have to start the process all over again for your next campaign instead of building on an already built emotional connection.

Here are a few different story categories you might want to start with:

The Brand Story

Arguably the most important thing for people to buy in to is your brand so try giving the story of your company/ brand and the journey is has been on. You can include things such as brand values, mission statements, client expectations…

Team Stories

This works well as it is real people that your audience would be buying in to. We know from experience that the personal, team articles are the most popular. This again helps build brand trust and loyalty through association.

Client Stories

These will be your case studies/ testimonials – where abouts in the client journey do you come in? How do you change their story for the better?

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