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Mobile apps: the right choice for you?

Date: Wednesday, 10th August 2016 | Category: , , , , , ,

Are we falling out of love with apps?

Let’s jump back to July 2008; Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight was smashing box office records, Katy Perry was singing about Cherry Chapsticks and Apple introduced the App Store.

Fast forward eight years; we’ve enjoyed two more Batman films, sent Katy Perry to number one four times and downloaded over 100 billion App Store mobile applications (or ‘apps’).

 eMarketer published a report at the start of the year estimating that the average in-app time for UK smartphone users was approximately 1 hour 55 minutes per day, which is predicted to have only risen throughout 2016.


This love we have for mobile applications could be coming to an end. Or at least the love we have for new apps…

Recent years have seen the popularity of new apps declining, with only a 3% increase in app downloads worldwide May 2015 – May 2016. This is with the exception of Snapchat and Uber which are the only apps to have seen download figures soar – Snapchat’s year-on-year downloads from May 2015 to May 2016 increased by 109.9%.

Excluding these two apps, the rest of the results seem to show that people have decided which ones they want and are sticking to them, making the market very hard to crack at the minute.

To app or not to app?

So if you are thinking about creating an app for your business, we have made the following flow chart for you to help decide whether taking the risk and plunging headfirst into the world of mobile applications is the best move

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