Phew Annual Support Agreements (ASAs) Explained

Date: Tuesday, 13th September 2016 | Category: , , , ,

We’ve pulled together the results of our recent client survey on our Support service and it’s clear to see that a number of you are a bit unsure about what an ASA is and what they mean for you.

What is an Annual Support Agreement?

The ASA contract is offered to all our web development clients (anyone who has a website or online system with us).

By having an ASA you are guaranteed prioritised responses to all such issues, with a four-hour response time promise.

Some clients use their support time for small developments and some use it for additional training; we try to be as flexible as we can with the time to help organisation’s specific needs and requirements.

Why is Support important?

The main reason for an ASA is to allow us to ensure all websites we create are safe and secure for the protection of all of our clients.

We want our team to be able to direct their full focus on any issues the client is facing and not have to worry about commercial arrangements such as charging for our time. We therefore use this proven model that allows clients to purchase support time upfront and avoids the need for purchase orders etc. to resolve small matters which require a quick response.

Having a support contract in place also allows us to proactively monitor websites for software and security updates and apply them as appropriate after they have been tested.

Who can use Support time?

In order to avoid false requests or any confusion we have a named users system in place; for security reasons we only accept support requests from these specific contacts. Clients are responsible for choosing who these users are and making sure all the appropriate internal processes have been completed before raising a Support case.

Keeping track of your Support time

The system works based on a number of minutes. As part of the ASA you will agree a set amount of minutes to purchase and we will then deduct those minutes as and when required. For example if your agreement was for 200 minutes and we did a piece of work that took us half an hour to complete, you would have 170 minutes remaining. We record our time for everything we do, meaning that at any point we can provide clients with a record of their Support minutes.

Each account has a dedicated Account Manager who will send alerts when 50% and 20% of usage is left. There is the option to ‘top-up’ minutes at any stage of the contract and a renewal notices are sent 60 days prior to the end date.

How do you report Support issues?

Simply call our Support team on 01234 867 518. Alternatively, you can email them directly at or fill in in the contact form on our website

If you have any questions or concerns about your Support contract or are not sure what you have in place please contact our Studio Manager, Kern Roderick-Jones on 01234 779 053 or email