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Google stops Webmasters from editing Sitelinks

Date: Tuesday, 18th October 2016 | Category: , , , , , , , , ,

Google has removed the Sitelinks section from the Search Console (previously known as Webmaster Tools), stopping webmasters from demoting Sitelinks from the search results snippet.


Previously, if you had found that the Google search results for your company were displaying some shortlinks to certain areas of your site (known as Sitelinks) that you did not want displaying, you would have been able to demote (remove) these links. This would stop it from appearing and the link would automatically be replaced by the next popular area.



This is not the case anymore; Google are now saying that their systems are now capable of picking the most relevant links and therefore they are no longer allowing the website owners to change what appears in the search results in order to ‘simply things’. This is what they had to say…

“… our algorithms have gotten much better at finding, creating, and showing relevant sitelinks, and so we feel it’s time to simplify things.”

The advice they are giving about what you can be doing to improve the quality of your sitelinks include…

  • Provide a clear structure for your website, using relevant internal links and anchor text that’s informative, compact, and avoids repetition.
  • Allow Google to crawl and index important pages within your site. Use Fetch and Render [1] to check that they can be rendered properly.
  • If you need to remove a page from search completely, use a “noindex” robots meta tag [2] on that page.


Slightly lost by what this all means for your site?

Don’t worry – there is no need to panic. At Phew we will do our best to ensure all our clients sites are performing at the best of their ability, including the site speed, navigation, layout and for our SEO clients this includes how it appears in search engines.

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