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February Service Spotlight: Mobile touch-ads

Date: Monday, 20th February 2017 | Category: , , , ,

You see a red button next to the sign ‘do not touch’ – we all know what you want to do.

It seems this compelling curiosity we all have to ‘push the button’ has had an impact on the performance of certain adverts.

A study conducted by IPG Media Lab of 1,137 Android users found that mobile video adverts created a 50% lift for brands that took part in the research; BMW, Royal Caribbean, Arby’s and Truvia.

The study found that well-executed haptic applications increase a viewer’s engagement with an ad, but also boost the toucher’s sense of connection with a brand, creating emotional connections of happiness and excitement. When users watched a regular video advert their happiness and excitement levels reached 30% and 37%, however when the touch-enabled elements were added in this increased to 44% and 37% respectively.

Adverts with a touch functionalities generated a 6% increase in positive brand perception overall


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Haptic applications – recreate the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions – for example a vibration and ‘clunk’ sound when the video shows a glass tipping over.