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The increasing importance of in-feed videos

Date: Thursday, 9th February 2017 | Category: , , , , ,

There’s no denying the increase of in-feed videos on sites such as Instagram and Twitter, meaning companies need to embrace or risk losing out on potential customers.

If we think about it, the reason why is simple; with all the options available to consumers at the minute they have come to expect businesses to make every part of the purchasing process as easy as possible for them as customers. Video does this perfectly by presenting them with simple, easily-digestible information that they can obtain and (most importantly) retain quickly, whilst keeping an edge of fun, interest and possibly amusement.

 “The generation that we are in, everyone’s attention span has shortened. The three second rule has become the one second rule”

G. Andrew Meyer, Creative Lead at Facebook and Instagram – via Social Media Week

As in-feed videos, these tend to be mostly watched using a mobile, as that is the most common device for accessing social media. This in mind, companies need to consider the behaviour of mobile users, for example regarding playing sound out loud. People may be scrolling on their phone in an environment where playing sound is not possible so videos need to be able to be understood without sound. Think of it as an added benefit to your video rather than an essential.

“Video is everything, today people check their mobile feed at least 30 times a day”

G. Andrew Meyer, Creative Lead at Facebook and Instagram – via Social Media Week

We thought we would share with you some top tips for creating your perfect in-feed marketing video…

Add an air of mystery

Capture their attention in the first few seconds before revealing your company, by this time if you are going to have them hooked then they already will be.

People buy into people

As much as we love a funny animation, the presence of real people gives the video a more emotional edge.

Text over sound

As mentioned, sound is not vital, especially within those first few seconds when they are deciding whether or not to keep watching and may not have yet switched on the sound. Use text to imprint in their memory in the absence of sound

Make it topical

The rise in video is no secret, customer’s feeds will become saturated with them so make sure yours is relevant and topical to make the viewer think it is worth a watch.

Early morning connection

Audience are more susceptible to emotional-led videos in the morning. By getting in their mind earlier in the day it also allows you to have more of an influence over any purchasing decisions that they ma chose to have that day.