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April Service Spotlight: Email marketing

Date: Tuesday, 25th April 2017 | Category: , , , , ,

Email marketing is a vital tool for expanding your customer base, enhancing existing client relationships and staying ahead of competitors.

In a nut shell email marketing is the process of sending out an email to either a new or potential client. It should be an essential part of any organisation to expand their reach (and thus increase revenue), or notify current customers of your activities (thus increasing your brand awareness and a their trust within you).

How can it benefit you?

Email marketing offers the following benefits:

  • Ability to reach potential new clients
  • It is highly targeted
  • Emails are extremely simple and easy to share
  • Ability to develop existing client relationships
  • It is low in cost
  • It helps maintain frequent communication which is an essential between you and your customers

The types of Direct Mail Marketing

New Content Announcements

This can be either directly to existing clients or can be used to reach out to potential new customers to make them aware of a new product, service or software you can provide.

When designing an email to announce new content it is essential that you keep it distinct and clear. You want the person reading the email to be easily aware of the purpose of the message; to tell them about what you can offer and how it can benefit them.

Product Update Emails

This is not always as exciting as revealing a new service or software, but it is equally as important to keep customers up-to-date with your organisation’s activities and developments. Whether this is notifying them of small updates or larger product redesigns, it is essential that you keep your clients in the loop and maintain regular dialogue with them.

Welcome Email

This may not sound like the most important aspect of mail marketing to consider, but it certainly plays its part in setting up the initial contact. In order to set up a welcome email you must take into consideration how you want your company to be portrayed. It is essential that you make people aware of all that you have to offer and let them know you can provide them with the support they require, to maintain a happy working relationship.

Internal Changes

Although email marketing is paramount in helping you expand and develop your horizons outside of your company, it can also be used within internally. Email marketing can be a great way to keep your staff in the know. Including your employees in changes and updates will also help them to feel more valued.


Any feedback you receive can be crucial to help you to learn from your customers first-hand what is and is not working. Something as simple as sending out a feedback request email with a questionnaire attached can help prompt this and clients will appreciate being asked for their input, which will make them feel valued as well. When creating a feedback form it is important to keep it short and basic so that people are more inclined to fill it out and it does not take up too much of their time.


LinkedIn has its many benefits for marketing, and its InMail service is one of the greatest benefits of having a paid LinkedIn account. It allows you to directly contact other LinkedIn members who would normally be out of reach. You can find out more about it here.

The next step

If you are looking to improve your marketing campaigns then get in touch, and we will be more than happy to help with any issues.