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May Service Spotlight: Google AdSense

Date: Friday, 5th May 2017 | Category: , ,

You may not always notice Google AdSense, but after this you’ll never miss it!

WHAT is Google AdSense?

If you remember the last time you searched for your next car or a holiday on Google, then miraculously every website you visited after had adverts for a new Volkswagen or a trip to Rome, and this would be a perfect example of Google AdSense. Essentially, Google tracks exactly what you search for in order to bring you customised content and adverts.

Advertisers bid for their advert to appear on a website, then the website owner is paid a certain amount for every click on that advert.

AdSense is one of the best ways for organisations, and bloggers to increase their revenue stream directly through their website. All that is required is for publishers, (anyone wishing to place adverts on their website), to insert a tiny piece of code onto their chosen web page, then advertisements will appear that are relevant to the website content.

WHY use it?

Google AdSense is beneficial to you because:

  • Adverts are assigned by category / genre
  • Google is a trusted and global organisation
  • It is customisable
  • If your website gets a lot of traffic then you can quickly and easily increase your revenue with very little cost to the business, making it extremely cost effective.

WHERE is the best place to advertise?

There are many options as to where you can advertise using Google AdSense, you just have to find the right solution for you:

  • Blogs – For example a gaming based blog is perfect for adverts for specific games or consoles
  • Google searches – Google AdSense will allow you to advertise within google searches themselves. If for instance you Google ‘flights’, you may notice an advertisement for Jet2; this is something that Jet2 will have paid extra for in order to be at the top of the searching list. This can have a significant improvement on SEO
  • Directly on websites – You will regularly see adverts all over webpages, for example if you visit The Independent website you will notice that Worldpay are advertising; this is all tailored to the target audience of that website. You are likely to see different adverts on the Daily Mail site

WHEN is it best to advertise?

AdSense is completely free so it seems like a no brainer to allow organisations to advertise on your website. Companies will bid to appear on your website or blog, and you will earn money on a pay-per-click basis. As the only cost is to your resources (the short time it takes someone to set it up and monitor it), it can add extra value to your revenue stream so could be something you should consider doing. For more advise on setting it up and how to make the most of AdSense, get in touch.

WHO is it best to target?

This is completely dependent on your company and objectives. Your specific audience should be your primary focus in order to ensure adverts are tailored  to them, improving their user experience on your website. It is very important that what is advertised on your website is relevant to what your audience will what, ensuring more clicks, and thus a greater revenue.

HOW does Google AdSense work?

(Yes we added an ‘H’, we apologise)

AdSense works through categories and sectors, for example if you were to advertise a space on your construction website, then all of the adverts that appear on your website will be related to construction.

This service tends to work on a Cost-per-click (CPC), meaning you make more money for every single click on that advert directly. Ultimately, the more visits you have to your website, the more beneficial Google AdSense will be for you.

More questions? Get in touch today to find out the answers and more about setting Google AdSense up for you.