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Unity, solidarity and social media

Date: Tuesday, 30th May 2017 | Category: ,

Let’s take a moment to appreciate our society and how social media can have a positive impact.

With everything that has been going over the past week, social media has proved to be a focal point and central hub for people to share information and updates. If you are a regular social media user then you will have probably seen the events in Manchester dominate your feeds. We have witnessed some remarkable acts of kindness from complete strangers and felt a great sense of unity in the way people have shared their support, but unfortunately we have also seen fake news used in order to entice views, with people trying to gain popularity.

The Negatives

Unfortunately with incidents like this you can tend to see negative comments and usage of social media. People can be very quick to judge and this is something that at times social media can help to magnify.

The largest negative to take out of social media is the trust bestowed upon it by the general public. Hours after hearing about the tragic loss of 22 people and a further 59 people injured we started seeing fake accounts created, whereby people were pretending to look for people that in fact had nothing to do with the Manchester terrorist attacks.

One of the biggest stories to emerge of misinformation was the use of a picture of Jayden Parkinson who was murdered back in 2013, but has been spread throughout social media on a list of people to go missing during the attacks.

Twitter @josummerbell

There was even a picture of Ariana Grande shared as if it was after the Manchester attacks, however it is actually her during filming of a 2015 film. This is unfortunately where at times social media can magnify fake news.

The Positives

As we mentioned before, one of the core things we can take from this ordeal is the sense of unity and acts of pure selflessness. Whether it was taxi drivers offering free lifts to the injured and scared in order to return them to their loved ones, or the whole of Manchester uniting together in order to do what they can to help.

Twitter @laurenduca

British born actor, comedian and television host, James Corden, used YouTube and social media to its full extent, gathering over two and a half million viewers to date to give gave his touching opinion on events. He spoke of the togetherness of the whole United Kingdom, in particular Manchester itself…

YouTube @The late Late Show with James Corden

As horrific and devastating as this has been and will continue to be for those affected, we are humbled to see the positive reaction the UK has had and how social media, despite people trying otherwise, can be used to spread these messages of love and solidarity with the whole world, to stand together.

If you have any information to pass on regarding the following missing people then do not hesitate to get in touch with The Greater Manchester Police on 0161 856 9400 or 01618569900.

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