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AdWords Message Extensions

Date: Tuesday, 27th June 2017 | Category: , , , ,

Google are looking to advanced their business solutions and have introduced Google Adwords Message Extensions.

What are AdWords Message extensions?

From our previous May Service Spotlight article on Google AdSense we discovered the benefits of Google Ads, but it offers other alternatives such as message extensions. The message extensions feature allows you to add a contact number and message to your AdWords. This means that with a click of a finger someone can contact you for a quote, to book an appointment or to ask for help.

It also gives you the freedom to add other extensions such as [See mGage image] to allow users to go straight through to certain pages.

Source mGage

How simple are AdWords message extensions to use?

For AdWords to work correctly you must be able to send and receive text messages. This means you must be able to use your other personal, or a work phone that potential clients would be able to regularly contact you on. Through your Google AdWords dashboard there are many ways to change the choices available to you.

From this screen, you can add, edit and adjust your ads. These will offer you to the opportunity to add message extensions.

How can they benefit you?

There are plenty of benefits to using AdWords extensions such as:

1. Ease of use

Making the whole process easier for others makes it more enticing and therefore more people are likely to use the service

2. Text over phone

According to a recent survey done by the OpenMarket the younger generation are 75% more likely to text than call. This is something that AdWords Extensions would allow you to make the most of. Offering a millennial generation, the option to text over call would help you to expand your audience to a potentially younger audience.

3. Time conscious

Like the previous point about people choosing to text instead of using the phone this comes back to the point of time saving. Ultimately people go on Google searches to find what they are looking for and are then transferred to other websites. If you can implement something (such as Google message extensions) then you can set yourself apart from competitors.

4. No extra cost.

Simply speaking it costs you nothing to add this feature to your Google AdWords and within minutes you could be experiencing an improvement in engagement with customers.

5. The Power of Google

A recent study has shown that on average Google deals with 40,000 search queries a second and 3.5 billion a day. This works out to a staggering 1.2 trillion searches a year. This goes to show the power that Google has, and exactly how much of an influence it can have on your company if you use it correctly.

6. Grow your business

All this investment into Google Ads you will find your company starting to slowly grow through your free investment of time into a simplistic solution. You will grow through gathering more client enquiries, and providing support to existing and new clients.

The future of Google AdWords

According to various sources including Search Engine Land and Found, the future of Google Ads lie within targeting. This will be aiming to target specific products, or services to people who need them. So, for example during the summer you are more likely to see advertisements for convertible cars or a holiday to Iceland, whereas during the winter months you will see an advertisement for umbrellas or holidays to Australia.

The benefits of AdWords extensions are free and provide a fantastic solution for increasing client engagement. We are more than happy to help with setting up your Google extensions and get in touch.