August Spotlight: Jenni Mason

Date: Thursday, 10th August 2017 | Category: , , , , , ,

We are pleased to welcome our newest addition, Jenni Mason, to the Phew Support Team!

Jenni joined us last month to become our new Office Manager. She is responsible for making sure that we are all put in our place and has been given permission to restrict the biscuits if we’re not working hard enough! So next time you call the office try to be as nice as possible so you don’t get her angry!

We thought we would ask her a few quick-fire questions to help you get to know her a bit better.

Here’s how it went…

Favourite website? – The design is so simple and effortless yet screams style and luxury, plus they have the prettiest pictures of their vehicles.

Jaguar Land Rover

Favourite social media channel?

Instagram/ Pinterest; can’t decide between the two, both have endless amounts of pictures of enviable holiday destinations, delectable cakes and treats and the odd morning motivational quote to see you through a difficult week.

Previous experience?

My most recent role was Program Manager for a demonstration scheme for a leading automotive Brand. I have experience in a variety of different business areas including finance, office management, customer quality and service delivery, all skills I hope to transfer to this new and exciting role.

Interesting fact about yourself?

I was vegetarian for 9 months and only stopped because I accidentally ate a fry up one morning without realising what I was doing!

Three words that best describe you?

Hard-working, friendly & organised.

Where would you go on a dream holiday?

Everywhere! There are so many amazing places to visit it would have to be a world trip… (spare lottery ticket anyone?)

And finally, if you could be any animal what would you be and why?

An Elephant, they’re strong, intelligent and most live in tropical areas.

Take a look at our Meet the Team page for more Phew staff members or get in touch to find out how our specialist team can bring value to your organisation. You can contact Jenni on 01234 779050 or alternatively look out for her soon when she is hopefully driving around in her dream Range Rover!