What does Facebook have to offer?

Date: Monday, 25th September 2017 | Category: , , , ,

It is impossible to avoid social media these days whether it is Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram. Facebook is the biggest of them all.

We take a look at the benefits of Facebook, what it has to offer and the hidden gems that you may not know about that could greatly improve your business.

Best features / tools

Facebook is something that over two billion people use monthly (Zephoria, 2017) but what are the best features and tools available to you?


Facebook events can be incredibly useful from a business point of view for generating awareness and publicity for an event. From a personal point-of-view, this can prove rather dangerous, for example the riot that started back in 2012 after 3,000 people turned up at a 16 year old girl’s party after she left the invites open on Facebook. However, for businesses they can be very beneficial to increase and interest in the event’s purpose. I have seen the effectiveness of them myself within my current / previous events experience and I can honestly say that they can have an enormous impact.

Scheduled Posts

The following page on the Facebook website will give you an idea of how to schedule posts. It can save you a lot of time and allows you to have a steady flow of posts going out on a regular basis. There are multiple different types of software available for managing your posts with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (Dashburst, 2015). Our most recommended are…


Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all have one main thing in common – images. We are naturally curious and like to see what other people are doing; whether it is the latest celebrity gossip; someone taking their dog to work; or even bloggers who post about their lives, we like to know what is going on. This is where photos in Facebook can be beneficial to you as a marketing tool and to increase your audience. Give your audience an insight into the ‘behind the scenes’ goings on at your company to help make them feel more emotionally invested in your business as a whole.


Facebook analytics will give you an idea of exactly how you can maximise analytics to discover how your page is faring. You can use Facebook Analytics to:

  • Demographics
  • Funnels
  • Retentions
  • Top Customers
  • Automated Insights

Facebook themselves have written a very useful piece of how to maximise analytics (Facebook, 2017).

Facebook Live Video

Over the last year or so Facebook has introduced live videos (Facebook, 2016) This offers you the opportunity to broadcast instantly live videos to your followers or family and friends. As a marketing tool, it can be an interesting idea in order to potentially expand your audience, or even improve the standing you have with your current clients. For instance you can use it for:

  • Company updates
  • Promoting upcoming events
  • Looking inside the business
  • Addressing any potential issues
  • Q&As

Hidden Gems

Facebook has plenty of features we are well aware of but what is it hiding that we may not necessarily know about?

Ordering food

You are now able to order food through the Facebook app directly from your favourite takeaways. This is indicated by a colourful burger icon on mobile, but as it stands at the moment it is only being sent out to a select group of people. Keep your eyes open and it could be coming to you very soon.

TechCrunch have created a very interesting article on exactly where you can find this (TechCrunch, 2017).

Secret games – Emoji’s (football) / @fbchess play

In Facebook messenger it is possible to take part in little miniature games (Digital Spy, 2017). These can involve anything from basketball, chess or football simply by using a specific emoji. They have also introduced an extension to gifs and images and you can now play games, make games and there are even extensions for emoji’s and Spotify.

Remotely log out of Facebook

Have you ever been to a library, a café or even somewhere at University of during work and realised you have left your Facebook logged into the computer? It is possible to remotely log yourself (Facebook, 2017) out of a computer without having to return to the computer. This can save yourself the embarrassment of having to go back to the library.

  1. Go here to your Security and Login Settings page
  2. Click where you’re logged in
  3. Terminate the session you wish to end

Prepare your last wish

If you were to pass away, Facebook have set up a legacy contact system. This way you can set someone to take control of your account (Facebook, 2017) if it was to be memorialised (Facebook, 2017).

Reply to Facebook messages within emails

You may notice that whenever you receive a comment on an update or picture you post that you will receive an email (Wix, 2015) (if you have not received this it may be worth checking your junk folder). It is actually possible to reply to that message within the email and it will send it directly to the Facebook post / image.

We asked members of the Phew staff their Facebook favourites and here are their top picks…

  • The events section – great for planning group events!
  • The birthday reminders – thanks to Facebook I now never forget to wish someone a happy birthday
  • The On This Day feature – this is great for reminiscing and looking back at how young we were!
  • Messenger – Perfect for sending GIFs and playing little secret games!


If you are looking for help with improving your Facebook presence get in touch or visit our new Facebook page, or you can check more of our blogs posts our here or read our recent piece on how to use hashtags.