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Finding the colour to fit your brand’s personality

Date: Tuesday, 24th October 2017 | Category: , ,

Colours, home décor, art, fashion… It is all subjective depending on everyone’s personal preference, however, there are of course the unspoken rules and associations with each choice that shape the public perception and influence your reputation.

As you can imagine, there have been countless studies into the psychology of brand colours, with most of them concluding that it really is down to personal preference, experiences, upbringing, culture and the context that the colour is seen in. But despite there being no universal rule, there does seem to be broad subconscious reactions to different colours, that we should pay attention to when selecting yours.

One study found that 90% of snap judgements made about products can be based on colour alone (depending on the product) (Emerald Insights); and another revealed that purchasing intent is affected by colours due to the impact they have on how a brand is perceived. Essentially, the colour of a brand can influence how a consumer sees the personality of the brand (Springer).

Certain colours generate expectations of specific traits of a brand; and this is what you need to focus on when selecting your brand colour. Stay away from trying to align with stereotypical colour associations or the colour of many of your competitors, in fact selecting a different colour to your competition will help you stand out. Instead, try to match up the colour with your brand’s personality.

There are then of course the other factors such as male v female preferences, aligning sub-brands to complement the main brand and choosing your variants; yes, it can get confusing.

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