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National Clean out your virtual desktop day

Date: Monday, 16th October 2017 | Category: , ,

If only I was as good at cleaning out my virtual desktop as I was changing my computer wallpaper. It is like Christmas shopping we know it needs doing but we always leave it until the last minute.

The good news is there is now a day dedicated to cleaning out your virtual desktop. Today is a date to remember as potentially the only day you will organise your desktop all year!

So it is time to sit back in your seats and clear out the junk sitting on your virtual desktop. We asked members of staff at Phew how often they clean out their virtual desktop (if ever in some cases!)

“I cleaned mine out just last week so I won’t need to do it today!”

“I never even use my desktop! I regularly ensure it is tidy and make sure not to keep too much on it”

“I never clean it and store all my documents in folders”

“I never let it get messy and make sure to clean it every few weeks and more importantly I keep all my daughter’s artwork on there!”

“Yearly I have 31,000 files and over 4,000 folders!”

“Every few weeks”

Top Tips

Keep it clean

Make it look good. This could be whether you pattern the desktop to look like a diamond or you just make it neat and tidy. This will help you to organise it and next time you will be able to find that all important meeting document of the tip of a diamond.


You can never forget that all important task bar at the bottom. I tend to use it for Chrome, emails, my folder and last but by no means least the Sonos app for the office speaker.

Two desktops

The latest update for Windows has allowed for you to have TWO desktops. This ultimately means that you can break up the folders and files you have on your desktop by shifting them to another area.

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