New Year resolution – clear your window on the web

Date: Thursday, 3rd January 2019 | Category:

It’s a brand-new shiny year, polished with the promise of brand-new opportunities to come and the chance to leave last year’s dull challenges in the past.

After packing up the corporate tinsel and recycling any stray Christmas cards, taking the time to assess your business, understanding your market and formulating a strategy could help you realise your full potential.

It’s inevitable that as part of the process your thoughts may well be littered with innumerable obstacles – finding reliable suppliers, employing the right team, reconciling overheads and generating leads that lead to sales and the bottom line – profit.

Clear your thoughts – access the positive – find the easy fixes.

A new or updated website, if created by experts with experience of delivering projects on time and to budget: could have one of the greatest impacts on your business.

It’s your shop front, your window to what you offer – a promise.

If people are kind enough to look in, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to see what you are selling in a matter of seconds, unless they will walk away to the next ‘store’ that welcomes them.

We all know that a website needs to look good and content is key, but an outstanding website will offer seamless functionality and accessibility to all.

One in five of the people in the UK have a disability* and there are 15.3 million people in the UK aged 60 and above.** Will they feel marginalised or welcomed to your site?

The Government launched an initiative in September 2018 that will regulate public sector websites and apps so that they are accessible to all users.

While we appreciate that you might not be in this sector, why not spare a thought for those that might need a little extra help finding out how good you and your company are right now?

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*GOV.UK website 24 September 2018.

**Mid-2016 Population Estimates UK Office for National Statistics, 2017.