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Google to stop ‘creepy’ Gmail scans

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Up until recently, Google was scanning Gmail accounts in order to target them with personalised adverts. As of...

AdWords Message Extensions

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Google are looking to advanced their business solutions and have introduced Google Adwords Message Extensions. ...

The end of captcha buttons?

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Why we might not have to tick a box to prove we are not a robot for much longer. What is a Captcha button? We’ve...

Does Google think your site is secure?

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The latest version of Google Chrome now warns users if the website they are visiting is not secured by an SSL...

Google stops Webmasters from editing Sitelinks

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Google has removed the Sitelinks section from the Search Console (previously known as Webmaster Tools), stopping...

Service Spotlight: Google Analytics

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Plan. Implement. Analyse. Repeat. In its most basic form that is the core process for most things in life,...

Using Google AdWords’ new expanded text ads

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What do the changes to Google text ads mean for you? Google recently announced “expanded text ads” – essentially,...

The importance of custom built websites: stand out from the crowd

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We’ve all seen adverts for these DIY website builders; they are quick, easy and cheap right? Wrong. Time...

Social media life hacks

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The web is full of plenty of really useful and not so useful ‘at-a-glance’ content like infographics and gifs with...