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The BIG data push

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What the big idea? You may have heard the term ‘big data’ being thrown around recently, but do you actually know...

A new spin on an old idea

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Today is National Clean Out Your Computer Day, but before you get too delete-happy, STOP; you could be throwing...

January Service Spotlight: Client Surveys

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We’ve reached the new calendar year so now begins the planning for the new financial year. As we have spoken about...

Getting you ready for the new financial year

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We’re approaching that time of year again, no not Easter, the dreaded financial year-end.

Doing the unexpected

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Leap years; when worry and anxiety is pushed to the side and we allow ourselves to take the plunge and embrace...

Service Spotlight: Social Media

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Need some tips on enhancing your business’s social media accounts? We have it covered… There is no escaping social...

Changes in social media and what you need to do to keep up

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The only assurance we have in the ever changing world of social media is that nothing stays the same for long....

How to develop a digital marketing plan

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Digital marketing is a major priority for any business, but with so many social media platforms, apps, channels...