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Hunting for happiness

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This week is Hunt for Happiness Week, so naturally, we’re here to help you with the hunt. Social media has earned...

The social media features you need to know about

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These last couple of months have seen multiple updates to different social media channels, so to help make sure...

Social media giants to pay for campaign against trolls

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It has been announced that Facebook and Twitter could be set to pay towards campaigns against online abuse. Social...

What does Facebook have to offer?

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It is impossible to avoid social media these days whether it is Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram. Facebook...

It’s time for a hashtag masterclass

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Ten years on from their first use, we are now all used to seeing hashtags used all over different social media...

Concerns over Snapchat’s new Snap Map

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Snapchat’s latest update introduces the new Snap Map feature, which allows people to view publicly posted images...

Unity, solidarity and social media

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Let’s take a moment to appreciate our society and how social media can have a positive impact. With everything...

Fundraising in a digital world

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As you may know, last month we took part in The British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) DECHOX challenge. This challenge...

Posting pictures of your children online

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Anyone who has a social media account will have undoubtedly witnessed someone posting a picture of their child at...