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The BIG data push

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What the big idea? You may have heard the term ‘big data’ being thrown around recently, but do you actually know...

Why you SHOULD put all your eggs in one basket

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One piece of feedback we are still receiving from customers is about the confusion they face over whether or not...

Changes to the rules around data – how to prepare your company and your website

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As you may be aware, as of May 2018, new GDPR regulations will be coming into force that are going to change the...

Service Spotlight: Google Analytics

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Plan. Implement. Analyse. Repeat. In its most basic form that is the core process for most things in life,...

A branding re-fresh

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As you may have noticed, we have had a bit of a brand update recently; we’ve swapped the purple and green for...

Coming out of hibernation

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Hibernation: ‘to be in an inactive or dormant state or period’. Just like animals, we can all be guilty of getting...

Doing the unexpected

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Leap years; when worry and anxiety is pushed to the side and we allow ourselves to take the plunge and embrace...

Do you know where your callers are coming from?

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So you have your Google Analytics in place, you have platforms such as Lead Forensics letting you know which...

New digital solution launched exclusively for Safeguarding Boards

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Sussex Child Protection Procedures is the first client to go live We currently advise and develop new websites for...