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The social media features you need to know about

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These last couple of months have seen multiple updates to different social media channels, so to help make sure...

Changes to the rules around data – how to prepare your company and your website

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As you may be aware, as of May 2018, new GDPR regulations will be coming into force that are going to change the...

Learning Outcomes Evaluations have launched

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Last month we launched our newest feature to the Events Booking and Management System – Learning Outcomes. System...

The end of captcha buttons?

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Why we might not have to tick a box to prove we are not a robot for much longer. What is a Captcha button? We’ve...

EU’s plans for those annoying cookie banners

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Since the cookie law began to be enforced in the UK almost five years ago, internet users have become increasingly...

Why your WordPress site needs a SSL certificate

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Getting an SSL certificate for your WordPress website is now more important than ever, and here’s why… What is an...

Does Google think your site is secure?

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The latest version of Google Chrome now warns users if the website they are visiting is not secured by an SSL...

Using Google AdWords’ new expanded text ads

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What do the changes to Google text ads mean for you? Google recently announced “expanded text ads” – essentially,...

A branding re-fresh

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As you may have noticed, we have had a bit of a brand update recently; we’ve swapped the purple and green for...