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Kick-starting 2018

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The new year is here and we are ready to hit the ground running. Our plans for this year include greater expansion...

Why you SHOULD put all your eggs in one basket

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One piece of feedback we are still receiving from customers is about the confusion they face over whether or not...

Changes to the rules around data – how to prepare your company and your website

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As you may be aware, as of May 2018, new GDPR regulations will be coming into force that are going to change the...

The Brexit-effect on web accessibility

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Just over a year on from Brexit being announced, we are seeing the impact it has already had and is set to have on...

Staying safe in a world of hackers

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You will have undoubtedly heard about the cyber-attack that hit the NHS and many other companies across at least...

Breaking new ground with West Midland Procedures Group

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We are proud to say we have recently launched the new website for West Midlands Safeguarding Children Procedures...

The end of captcha buttons?

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Why we might not have to tick a box to prove we are not a robot for much longer. What is a Captcha button? We’ve...

Why simple does not have to mean boring

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Clearing out the clutter and mess. Some people may associate the word ‘simple’ with words such as ‘dull’ and...

Staff Spotlight: A Year in Review

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For our final Staff Spotlight of the year we wanted to take a look back at some of our 2016 highlights What has...