Save time and resources with this custom-built, user-friendly platform for your Safeguarding, Healthcare and other public sector Procedures. Built initially for Safeguarding Boards/Partnerships but adaptable for any requirement, the template has proven popular with users for its innovative design and functionality, allowing for simple, straight-forward navigation. And so that you get the most out of your investment, we provide in-depth training to give you full control of administering your site.


  • Easily accessible, intuitive site layout and structure.
  • Flexibility for immediate updates.
  • Extensive reporting.
  • Website and social media integration.
  • Innovative ‘Quick Guide’ for simplistic navigation and overview.
  • Intelligent alerting system.

Flexible updates

All Procedures can be updated or re-worded at any time; an audited trail tracks any edits, allowing site visitors to see what changes have been made, when and who made them. We provide detailed training to give you complete control to make these edits when convenient for you.

Detailed reporting

Google analytics provide comprehensive reports, tailored to your specific requirements that give you a clear picture of usage and help inform future planning.

Automated alerting system

We offer the option of sending out automated alerts featuring all updates to client databases every six months in line with the national updates.

Integration to websites

All procedures can be integrated with your website and social media channels, where specific web pages are linked to relevant procedures.

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