Website accessibility compliance


On 23 September 2018 new regulations on the accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies came into force in the UK.  If a new public sector website went live on or after 23 September 2018, it will need to meet accessibility standards and publish an accessibility statement by 23 September 2019.  For existing websites (published before 23 September 2018) the deadline is 23 September 2020.

These regulations implement the EU directive on web accessibility and require public sector websites and mobile applications to achieve specific accessibility standards. This applies to all publicly funded higher and further education institutions.  The government will be monitoring affected websites and apps to check they follow the rules and aren’t breaking the new legal requirements.

Making your website/Intranet accessible with inclusive content.

Simply put, it’s about creating an online environment where all users, not just those with disabilities, are able to easily navigate and perform day-to-day tasks on the internet.


The facts:

  • 15% of the world’s population lives with some form of disability (WHO).
  • 71% of users with access needs will click away from a website that they find difficult to use.
  • WCAG 2.0 AA conformance demonstrated an increase in conversions, and time to convert, for non-disabled users.

What are the benefits of digital accessibility? 

For your visitors 

With simple navigation, easier access to information, and the ability to interact with all media, an accessible website improves the usability for every visitor. It can also boost SEO performance by making your site easier for search engines to crawl and for visitors to find.


For your organisation

Inaccessible websites alienate potential customers, forcing them to look elsewhere for a solution to their needs. They also expose your organisation to potential legal action if users can’t access critical content.

accessible design 1200px.

All public sector websites created on or after 23 September 2018, will need to meet the government’s new accessibility standards and publish an accessibility statement by 23 September 2019.

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